Currency Converter App that lets you
interactively convert your money in a super easy and fun way.

Zero Cluttered Currency Converter


Squark is a currency converter app that lets you interactively convert your money. It’s super fun and easy with just a few swipes and BOOM you are where you wanted to be!

Interactive Rate Table πŸ’°

Essentially, it removes the keypad and replaced it with a giant incremental number set table. Just a SWIPE to get to the nearest tens, hundreds and thousands of your designated currency.

Offline Support πŸ“‘οΈ

Internet connectivity can be a problem when you are on a trip. Not to worry, we got you COVERED mate!

170 Currencies World Wide 🌏

From your everyday United Status Dollars to crypto realm of Bitcoins. Mr. Worldwide, yo!

Designed to bring Google Material Design to every aspects of the app. PERFECT companion app on your adventurous travels without hassling about money conversion ever again!

More to come. In the meantime, go bananas!